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 Heather Pitcher RN BN NP- FAA RYT is a Nurse Practitioner registered with the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador. She has been practicing in the field of Healthcare for 29 years. She is licensed to practice as a Nurse Practitioner and has advanced education, professional knowledge and nursing experience which enables her to autonomously assess, evaluate, diagnose and treat a broad range of patients. Within the NP scope of practice Heather is authorized to order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, perform medical procedures, consult and refer to specialists and other allied health consultants. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, educator and researcher who can be consulted by other members of the healthcare team. She is a professional who will treat the whole person and autonomously manage patients who are at various points along their health continuum from chronic to acute. Heather’s years of experience, practice and education in the field of applied health, coaching, mindfulness and body awareness aligns her to deliver highly effective health care through an Integrative approach. 

Whole Person Care


Integration Health is holistic Nurse Practitioner (NP) clinic operating within an interdisciplinary wellness facility where Whole Person Health is the model of care and integration of mind, body spirit is greatly emphasised. Care is guided by an upstream, health promotional approach. The services are wide-ranging and will include conventional medical approaches to care as well as employing supplementary modalities and methodologies to bring about personal physical and mental wellness. The NP will focus on helping facilitate self-empowerment on which personal health can be optimally modified and enhanced. Change is emphasised first within the persons own locus of control and will be supported by the NP as well as other holistic and medical health practitioner’s including the patients family physician. The approach to care will be team based where the individual plays the lead role and directs care to the Self as needed and required. A significant percentage of health-care costs are spent treating chronic diseases, often at a late stage. We all have the ability to make a powerful impact in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases by changing and modifying our behaviour. A Nurse Practitioner will actively support those ready to move into healthier life patterns. 

Program Based


Integration Health will emphasize the involvement of patients in their own health care while providing a supportive framework. Patient autonomy in self-management places locus of control back to the individual providing freedom to make decisions based on informed choice. The initial patient visit will begin in determining the primary health care direction based on results of a full comprehensive history and physical, lab results as well as medical investigations as needed. Each patient visit thereafter will centre on actively culminating self-awareness and self-reliance to achieve personalized health care goals. The Nurse Practitioner will be attentive to enhancing individual patient capacity, hope, mindfulness, optimism, motivation as well as assisting in building intrinsic desire to expand on personal health goals. After all, everybody says, 'relax, change your diet, be active, don’t stress, stop smoking, stop eating junk, don't worry, take your medication etc., etc. But, rarely does just our prompting to make  changes make it so. Integration Health will foster patient support and management through personalised health care plans. 


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